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Join TradeTribe and master crypto trading with pinpoint precision, guided by Top Trader Jake. Learn, trade, and earn rewards along the way, transforming your knowledge into real world success!

We are UK registered company, with learning and educating background.

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Our Team

Trader Jake

Founder TradeTribe Master Trader
Trader Jake boasts a decade of trading experience, specializing in cryptocurrencies for the past five years. As the creator of trading bots, he stays ahead of market trends, while also sharing his expertise as a published author in the realm of crypto trading. With a blend of hands-on experience and innovative strategies, Trader Jake is a driving force in the evolving world of digital assets.
Brian Rhodes

Co Founder

Brian Rhodes is a dedicated and driven individual with a profound passion for his work. Known for his honesty and integrity, Brian has spent over 12 years in the networking industry. He is enthusiastic about introducing innovations that will reshape perceptions of the crypto space on a mass scale.

Tim Waider

Co Founder

Tim Waider is a distinguished network marketing top earner and a seasoned leader with over 7 years of experience in the online business arena. He is a firm believer in TradeTribe's potential to revolutionize the crypto industry by providing millions of individuals with access to genuine, legitimate, and transparent crypto products.

David Marcado

Co Founder

David Mercado brings over 19 years of experience in traditional affiliate marketing and 9 years in the crypto space. As an investor, entrepreneur, and business owner, David is known for his innovative approach, self-driven nature, and unwavering passion to assist others in attaining financial wealth.

Our Advantage

Expert Guidance

Benefit from the expertise of seasoned traders like Trader Jake, helping you navigate the complexities of crypto and forex trading with confidence.

User-Friendly Interface

Our state of the art platform is designed for both beginners and experienced traders, offering intuitive tools and resources to enhance your trading experience.

Comprehensive Learning Resources

Access a wealth of educational materials, tutorials, and real time insights to continually improve your trading skills and knowledge.

Reward System

Experience our innovative reward system that turns your learning and trading activities into exciting rewards, giving back to you every step of the way!

Reward System